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Branding Update: Update Your Email Signature Automatically!

Thanks to Pete Zarcone (Computer and Information Technology Services), college employees can update their email signatures automatically in accordance with the college brand—resulting visually consistent communications across the college.

To update your email signature, you must use your office computer on campus (i.e., for full Microsoft Outlook access). The automated signature generator will not work remotely from home or elsewhere off campus.


1.  Access the email signature generator via this path:

2. Enter your contact information into the simple request form (screen shot attached).

3.  Click GENERATE and your email signature will be automatically added as an email signature option in Microsoft Outlook

4.  Open Microsoft Outlook

5.  Under the FILE tab, select OPTIONS on the lower left-hand side

6. Select MAIL (left-hand column)

7.  Click on SIGNATURES (button located midway down on the right)

8. Under the DEFAULT SIGNATURE area, be sure your email account is correct

9.  Use the drop down box in the NEW MESSAGES field to select MCC-BRANDED SIGNATURE

10. Click the OK button

11. Your updated email signature will appear the next time you begin a new email

Questions? Contact the ETS Technology Support Center at x8324 (Option 3 for employees; Option 1 for PC Software questions)

Our next Branding Update will address logo lockups.

Thank you for cooperation and for “Inspiring every day.”

Sue Tingey & Rosanna Condello
Marketing and Community Relations

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