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Call for Participation! Ad Hoc Committee on Student Opinion Surveys

Are you unhappy with the current student opinion survey utilized by the college? Are you interested in identifying ways to increase the completion rates of these surveys? If so, please consider participating in the Faculty Senate ad hoc committee for the spring 2017 semester described below.

According to Faculty Senate resolution 1.11, student opinions of courses and faculty are collected by a survey conducted in May and December of even-numbered years. Since the college has now conducted this survey electronically for the past two years, the Academic Policies Committee is searching for feedback on both the survey tool and process.

The charge of the committee will be to:

1.   Identify and examine "best in class" student opinion surveys at other institutions.

2.   Compare these "best in class" surveys with MCC's existing tool to determine if the existing tool addresses the information most needed by faculty and chairs.

3.      Examine the rate of return and make recommendations regarding how to increase the percentage of responses.

Since these surveys are administered in every academic department, the Academic Policies Committee hopes to have college-wide representation within this group. If you are interested in participating, please contact Amanda Colosimo at <>  or x2421.

Amanda Colosimo
Chair, Faculty Senate Academic Policies Committee