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Admissions and Facilities Collaborate to Improve Campus Tours

During the week of June 18, Facilities staff members went on Brighton Campus Tours given by our Peer Navigators. This is the same tour and route that prospective students and their guests take when they visit the campus. The purpose of this effort was twofold - Facilities staff noted opportunities for improvement on their end, as well as suggesting alternative tour routes and additional talking points to the Admissions Office. Their input was valuable. Thank you to Blaine Grindle for suggesting this collaboration and to Christie Smith for coordinating the tours.

To honor and continue this team effort, the Admission and Orientation offices will be using the video created by the facilities team to welcome guests at our tour and information sessions as well as orientation. The video can be viewed here: M:\Offices\Shared\VaPA-Tech\Facilities Promo final edit.mp4

Hagreen, Sarah