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Have you heard your co-workers talking about Techno-Nuggets?

This is what they are saying…
*     I liked that it was direct and concise.  A lot of material was covered in one hour and I was able to use that information back at the office immediately.

*     It is nice to have the short session.  It is easier to comprehend it and take the skills back.

*     Very enjoyable and informative

*     Just the information I was looking for.  Will be using learned material as soon as needed.

*     I really like the one hour format concentrating on distinct topics. It fits both my schedule and my learning style.

*     The one hour time frame works nicely… after one hour I’m generally on overload anyway.  Great idea and I hope to see it again next semester!

*     Techno-Nuggets are great!  They have been very helpful in brushing up on Microsoft products.  Thank you!

Do you think you should know what a Techno-Nugget is?

They are coming in October.

ETS Technical Training Team
Instructional Technologies