MCC Daily Tribune

President's Wednesday Message

On Saturday, we celebrate MCC's newest alumni: students who took thousands of different paths on their journeys through our College but who will all meet in one shining moment, graduation. This success did not come easy for any of our Tribunes, and for some, it was much harder than we can imagine. To succeed in the classroom, all of our students needed support outside it. They needed family, friends, mentors, and--most importantly--you!

In a life-changing lesson or an encouraging word, in that "a-ha" moment and that extra study session, in wise counsel or listening ear--in so many ways, big and small, you have walked beside our students during their studies at MCC. The word "teach" has its origins in an Old English word meaning "show, present, point out." You have showed our students the way, kept them on track, presented opportunities, shared knowledge, pointed them in the right direction. When life intervened and the road got rough (sometimes, very rough), you kept them on track and helped them find their way. When everything worked and success seemed to come at the speed of light, you built on their achievement, increasing their momentum and confidence. Thank you!

On behalf of our students, I invite you to join in the celebration of their accomplishments this Saturday morning at 9:30 at the Blue Cross Arena. It is a day like no other, recognizing the success of Tribunes who are deserving of joyful noise and thunderous applause. It is #MCC2018. And, along with thousands of family, friends, colleagues, and guests, I will see you there!

Please feel free to share your own thoughts on this year's graduates on the blog.

Kress, Anne
Marketing and Community Relations