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Changes to Bus Service as Part of Campus Drive Project

Effective July 2, Monroe (Front) Loop on the Brighton Campus will be permanently closed to vehicular traffic and all buses will be rerouted.

Route #50 bus service will be relocated to the rear of the campus, in front of the R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center. Route #50 stops operating at approximately 4:58 p.m. Monday through Friday, at which time Route #5 takes over. Beginning July 2 on a temporary basis, Route #5 bus will provide service in the rear of the campus in front of the campus center as well as on East Henrietta Road. Starting in September, all Route #5 buses will stop in the rear of the campus.

All other public buses will stop on East Henrietta Road until further notice.

PLEASE TELL YOUR STUDENTS ABOUT THESE BUS STOP CHANGES and direct them to for route information and the most current schedules.

As parking and traffic patterns on campus will change, MCC asks students, visitors and employees to use caution navigating the campus during the construction. Signs are posted within and around campus to guide everyone. Please go to for details.

The construction activities are part of a year-long Campus Drive project that closes Monroe Loop forever and gives MCC’s front entrance a major makeover. The redesign will improve traffic flow, add green space and create a more inviting entrance to the college.

For questions or concerns about the construction projects, contact:

Public Safety Department— (585) 292-2912 (non-emergency) or (585) 292-2911 (emergency)
Facilities Department— (585) 292-2813

For parking questions or concerns, contact:
Parking Office—(585) 292-2700

We apologize for any disruption or inconvenience this project may cause. Thank you for your patience.

    Heze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
    Administrative Services