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Spina Administration Building Front Patio Entrance Closing for Final Finishing

Starting Monday 8/11/2014, the new second floor patio at the front entrance of the Spina Administration Building will be closed for the application of the final topcoat. We have been waiting all summer for the concrete to dry sufficiently to apply a top finish, but alas, it is not to be. A new top finishing system has been selected that is less sensitive to moisture during the application process and we can now proceed ahead to finish the project before school opens.

Please use the first floor entrance while work is proceeding. We will be blocking off the stair cases and interior doors while the coating is being applied and hardening. Alternate routes will be posted.

Also starting very soon – as soon as the construction crews can get out of the mud where they are , we will be starting and completing the new exit road out of the visitor lot. Additional parking is also being added to meet the high number of visitors. This work will begin very soon.

Blaine Grindle