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Sustainability: What's it all about?

Please join us today, 2:00-4:00 pm in the Empire Room, for a discussion of sustainability and its related social, economic and environmental issues.  MCC Sustainability Group members Matt Fox, Jennifer Hill and Clay Munnings will give us a look at the effects of paper use on the environment, and share some tips on how we at MCC can use less and recycle more.  They’ll also provide suggestions for conserving energy and becoming more sustainable at work and at home.

For those who can’t join in person, this event will be video streamed on MCC’s Live Programming website.  To access the Live Video Stream:

From MCC’s  Homepage

Click on “quicklinks”

Scroll down to and click on “video server”

From Instructional Technologies web page, click on blue “Video Content” button

Under Live Programming, click on “MCC Live Channel #1” to view events originating from Brighton Campus or “MCC Live Channel #3 to view events originating from DCC

Sue Smith
Support Staff Professional Development Committee