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Protecting Your PC

Your computer can be an easy target for hackers and/or malicious cyber criminals if you do not take proper steps to strengthen your PC. The following are the bare minimums you should be doing on your home and work PCs:

·         Install anti-virus software and verify it is working. MCC computers have Microsoft’s System Center Endpoint Protection installed. You should see a green box next to the clock on the bottom right of the desktop. If this is orange or red, right-click the icon and select open. A message should tell you what the issue is.

·         Keep your PC up to date. This means installing updates to Windows and common programs like Adobe Reader and Java. MCC sends out updates for Windows periodically, so if you get a message saying your PC needs to be rebooted to finish installing updates, do so once you are able to save your work. Keeping Windows and other programs up to date will limit the amount of security flaws that malicious people and software will try to exploit.

·         Use a password and lock your PC. This includes accounts on home PCs. It’s easy to leave a password off for convenience, but what if the PC is stolen?  A shortcut to lock your PC when you get up from your desk is to press the Windows Key and L at the same time.

Making sure your PC is protected is the first line of defense against someone trying to steal your personal data. The little bit of extra time it takes to do these things can help prevent problems in the long run.

Jeff Willard
MCC Cyber Security Awareness Committee