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New Telephone Technology at MCC

This is the first of two announcements dealing with new telephone features at MCC.  These features, and more yet to come, are brought to us in part by the network upgrade we all experienced last month.

New Cisco IP Phones
As part of the network upgrade, we are deploying new phones to offices, labs, and classrooms.  The network upgrade supports speeds up to a gigabit, a ten-fold increase! Depending on how you use your network connection, you may notice increased speed in transferring files. At this time, the weakest link between this network speed and your computer is the phone.  Old phones will be replaced to support the full gigabit potential this spring.  The new phones provide the following benefits:

- Gigabit throughput for potential enhanced network speeds

- Drastically improved audio quality through the handset

- Color screen for higher contrast and easier viewing

- Support for new features to be deployed in the future

Enhanced Phone Features
This may seem small, but it is the beginning of service enhancements.   On March 23, phones with multiple lines will be programmed to answer whatever line is ringing on the phone when the handset is picked up. Currently when lifting the handset, the only line that will be picked up is the top line. As a result, it requires extra key presses to select the line that is ringing. Don’t worry; you will still be able to choose the line you wish to answer if more than one is ringing at once!

We hope you enjoy the new phones and features! We also offer a great training course to help understand these features and many more. Feel free to call with your questions or to schedule a training session. 292-TECH (option 3 for employees then option 2 for phones).

Watch for our next announcement on voicemail and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) options.

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