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Attendance is due!

You guessed it! Time to enter your attendance for the fall term.

Attendance at MCC is simple.  Here are the rules:

* Students who never attend classes will be dropped for non-attendance.
* Students who attend even one class meeting will remain enrolled, billed and graded.

(Students can still withdraw and get a W grade, or you will grade them at the end of the term)

This is how you enter your attendance in Banner:

(1)   Enter 1 in the ‘Attend Hours’ column if the student attended class. Student will remain enrolled. Financial aid will be released.

(2)   Enter 0 in the ‘Attend Hours’ column if the student never attended class. Student will be dropped.  Tuition removed from account. Financial aid will not be released.

(3)   Save your work.  Go back to the screen and check your work after hitting the save key.

Your attendance can be entered at any point after the first week of classes.  But it must be entered no later than Friday, October 7th.  Obviously, later starting classes will have a later due date and an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail outlining that deadline.

Remember that attendance processing is a required task, just like grading.  We need attendance in order to issue financial aid to students.  So, please jot the October 7th deadline on your calendar.  And keep an eye on your e-mail because I will send gentle reminders as the date gets closer. 

Call if you have any questions.  Lyn MacGregor can be reached at <> or by phone at 292-2237. We are happy to help.

Elizabeth Ripton
Registration & Records