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Rumors and Reality

In a typical year, the stress of the end of the academic year can be difficult. This year, these stressors are layered on top of concerns about declining enrollment and the impact of the challenges MCC has faced this year, as well as a 24-hour news cycle that seems to careen from bad to worse. It's hard. Throw rumors and misinformation into the mix, and the stress builds. So, each day from today through the end of academic year, I'll be tackling one rumor. I have a whole list, but if you have one you would like addressed, please send it along through the portal.

Rumor: I've learned that MCC changed the security at the Blue Cross Arena for commencement and is now using metal detectors. Why did you do this?

Reality: There is a change in security at the arena, but MCC did not make this change.

Over the past year, the management of the Blue Cross Arena shifted to Pegula Sports and Entertainment (PSE), which has implemented new security protocols and a new set of policies for attendees, which include limits on bag size, increased bag inspection, and elimination of smoking areas, among others. If you've attended recent games or concerts at the arena, you have likely experienced both these changes and upgrades that PSE has made to the facility. MCC rents the arena and must follow its policies and procedures, hence the changes in security at commencement. Student Services is making students aware that they and their guests might want to leave a bit more time for entering the venue this year.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President