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What Is Two in One Knowledge Cocktail?

Never heard about it? Well, it is the Damon City Campus Learning Commons!  The Learning Commons is where Computer Lab and the Library have merged services.

Scenario number one. Let’s say that you have a problem with your password, logging in to a computer, scanning a chapter from your textbook, faxing a document over the Internet, creating a PowerPoint presentation, or using Blackboard. The Learning Commons is the place for you!  The Student Technology Help Desk assistant and other knowledgeable staff will provide assistance. There is Blackboard assistance at the Learning Commons on Wednesday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm too!

When you and your classmates need to work on a group project and you don't want to be disturbed by other students, get a study room key at the Circulation Desk. Your study group project will look even better if you use a study room with a Smartboard! Try it, we are sure you will love it!

We know that textbooks are very expensive. You might find the one you need at the Circulation Desk. If we do not have the book you are looking for, please encourage your professor to give a copy to the Learning Commons!

Scenario number two.  All Learning Common computers are occupied, but you desperately need to put the finishing touches to your paper.  Did you know that you can borrow a laptop at the Circulation Desk? Ok, now you have a laptop, now you realize that you need one more resource on your topic to add the references.  Do not panic! A librarian is waiting for you at the Reference Desk!  At the Reference Desk, you can get individual instruction.  He/She will help you locate the information you need from books, journals, videos,  or the Web.  Our librarians are always happy to assist you.

OK, you have added the last citation, and now you realize that something is still not right! Some parts of the text in the paper are underlined in green and some parts in red. Now what? Could it be grammatical errors or incorrect spelling? Our writing tutors can help you! You will hand in a great paper that you will be proud of.

You are not totally done yet. What’s next?  Now you need to print out your paper, but it’s on the laptop. Your brain is working hard, wondering if printing directly from a laptop is possible. Well, the answer is yes!  Ask for help from one of our employees.

Phew, that's it. YOU GOT YOUR KNOWLEDGE COCKTAIL FROM THE DCC LEARNING COMMONS AND YOU FINISHED YOUR CLASS ASSIGNMENT. Our sincerest congratulations! Now you are ready to hand in your assignment and relax! Job well done!

Stephanie Hranjec
Reference Librarian
MCC Libraries
DCC Learning Commons


Stephanie Hranjec
DCC Learning Commons