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AAUW Invite Upward Bound Girls to Journalism Luncheon

Saturday, January 28th, several female students from Upward Bound (UB) attended a luncheon with journalist Julie Philipp. During the lunch, the students met members of the American Association of University Women, many of whom are retired teachers, counselors, and social workers. The members were proud to have students join them and contribute their curiosity to Miss Philipp’s presentation. After lunch, Miss Philipp gave a presentation on fake and factual news and distinguishing fact from opinion. Members from AAUW encouraged us all to support our legitimate news agencies so that we may always have access to information about our community and the world around us. “I thought it was an awesome and welcoming experience,” said newly recruited UB student Anfa.

Jenee Skinner
MCC Upward Bound

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