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Public Safety Offers Operation Identification Program

Operation Identification (Operation ID)  is a program designed by MCC Public Safety where our faculty, staff, and student body can register their valuables such as laptop computers, cellular telephones,  IPod systems, and other electronic items with Public Safety. By registering the make, model, serial number, and other distinguishing features of your valuables, Public Safety will have this critical information on file in the event an item is lost or stolen. Public Safety will also provide an engraving tool available at all Operation ID events so Operation ID event participants can engrave their valuables.

All items registered with MCC Public Safety will remain registered for the semester and will need to be re-registered with Public Safety at the start of a new semester. The first Operation ID event will be hosted by West Canal Hall on October 11 starting at 8 p.m.. Officer Chuck DiSalvo will be presenting a Crime Prevention seminar on Identity Theft and Social Networking Security in conjunction with the Operation ID event. To host an Operation ID event contact Officer Chuck DiSalvo at <"">.

Lee Struble
Public Safety