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Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review until June 12, 2018

The following curriculum proposals were approved by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review until June 12, 2018

Course Revisions:

CLT 145 Serological Techniques 2016-CR242-Spring

CLT 220 Immunohematology 2016-CR243-Spring

Course Deactivations:

ACC 110 Fundamentals of Accounting I 2016-CD146-Spring

ACC 111 Fundamentals of Accounting II 2016-CD145-Spring

CE 155 Cooperative Education -- Orientation to the World of Disney 2016-CD150-Spring

GEG 135 Business GIS 2016-CD151-Spring

Program Revision:

Cert Dental Assisting 2016-PR22-Spring

Michael Heel
Curriculum and Program Development