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Credit/Contact Hour Departmental Inventory and Feedback Request

The Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee is requesting assistance from Academic Departments in reviewing their courses with respect to the number of credit hours, student instructional (contact) hours, and course types. In addition, we are seeking feedback on draft guidelines and definitions for course types offered by the College. Attached is a memo from the Curriculum Committee providing background and instructions, as well as draft guidelines and definitions for course types. These documents, along with a spreadsheet with courses listed by department, were sent to Senators for distribution on Monday. MCC Daily Tribune announcements do not allow for attachment of spreadsheets, so please request that document from your Senator if it has not yet been sent to you. Additionally, we encourage you to contact your departmental Curriculum Committee liaison listed at the end of the memo if you need assistance.

Attached Files:
5-2-2019 Credit Contact Hour Memo to Academic Departments.pdf
5-2-2019 DRAFT Credit Contact Hour Guidelines.pdf

Mary Jo Vest
Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee