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“Just in Time” Technology Training for March 2007

“Just in Time” Technology Training for MCC faculty, staff, and administration is training when you need it, on the topics you prefer, and on a day and time that is convenient for you! This month we are highlighting our classes in PowerPoint as well as our classes on the technology available in the classrooms to run it. 

May we suggest the following sessions:

From Track I:

I1          Creating PowerPoint Presentations

I2          Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations

I3          Animating PowerPoint Presentations

Please contact Mary Hallett, ETS Instructional Technologies, x3429, to schedule a session.

From Track P:

P25      Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating Templates

P22      Microsoft PowerPoint: Animating Objects

P23      Microsoft PowerPoint: Action Buttons/Hyperlinks

P24      Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating Charts

Please contact Ellen Gozik, ETS Instructional Technologies, x2553, to schedule a session.

From Track O:
O1        Using Technology-Equipped Mini-Lecture Halls

O2        The Smart Classroom - Presentations with Data Projection Technology

O3        Using Technology-Equipped Large Lecture Halls

O4        Audio Visual Smorgasbord
(Customizable to the specific pieces of equipment YOU would like to learn about.)

O6        Smart Console Setup and Usage

Please contact Paul Tracy, ETS Instructional Technologies, x3439, to schedule a session.

For complete descriptions of these sessions and to view our entire catalog, click the following link (you will need to provide your network username and password before accessing the catalog).  Browse through the sessions, click the Session Number link, and contact the person noted. From there, we will schedule your training choices at a time convenient for you!

You may also use the link provided within the MCC Daily Tribune (bottom of the left column) – click the Technology Training Catalog link.

From the MCC Home Page, choose A-Z Index, T, Technical Training Catalog.

The ETS Training Team hopes to hear from you soon!

Ellen Z. Gozik
ETS Instructional Technologies