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Unsung "Shero" Deborah Benjamin

As you may know or at least should know, Deborah Benjamin, who we affectionately refer to as the “Queen of Rooms,” is retiring and her last day here on campus is today!  Deborah has served as Monroe Community College’s Assistant Director of Registration and Records for 21+ years. One of her main jobs has been “Room Scheduler.”

You all may know her as the one who assigns rooms, but in Registration and Records she is FAMILY. Deb is taking a great deal of knowledge that none of us has or will ever be able to obtain. She has built relationships with the college community via email over the years that cannot be replaced or duplicated. She knows the wants and needs of the entire teaching faculty. She is very humble and unassuming. You may even walk by her and not realize you are in the presence of a true Angel with one of the highest IQ’s at the college. She is witty, intelligent, funny (quite the smarty pants), caring and compassionate. She is also quite the creative writer (big surprise) and as a matter of fact, her new book, "The Death of Perry Many Paws," is available on

Deb’s retirement is a great loss not only to the Registration and Records Office, but the entire college community. She is leaving some very big shoes to fill. I don’t think we will ever fill those shoes in our lifetime, but we will certainly try by using the detailed documentation she is leaving behind.

Please join us in wishing Deb farewell and happy retirement (in spirit or via email ONLY) as she has requested that we please do not put her on display as if she is attending her own wake. She is one of a kind; she is our “unsung shero.”

Kimberley Willis
Registration and Records