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High-Impact Practices Faculty Survey

Beginning on Tuesday, February 23rd, the High-Impact Practices (HIPs) inventory will be emailed to all faculty (full-time and adjunct). This survey will be distributed and collected through Institutional Research, and responses will remain anonymous. The goal of the survey is to inventory MCC HIPs that are NOT current attributes in BANNER. These practices will include: URSICA (Undergraduate Research, Scholarly Inquiry, Creative Activity), Diversity and Global Learning, Field Experiences, and Collaborative Learning. Definitions and examples of these HIPs are provided in the attachment so that faculty can interpret if they are already engaging in these practices in their current courses. 

Once the data is collected by Institutional Research, the anonymous responses will be shared with the High-Impact Practices Subcommittee in order to update a database that will inventory all of MCC HIPs in order to highlight the current prevalence of these practices.

Thank you for participating in the 2016 High-Impact Practices Faculty Survey. Your response is highly valued!

Alison Albright
Academic Foundations

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