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ESOL Student Self-Identification Form

Dear Faculty,

As a result of feedback from you, we have created an ESOL Student Identification form in an attempt to help you identify and support non-native speaking students in your classes.  We have provided all ESOL students with this form and encouraged them to give it to their content teachers during the first week of the semester.

A few facts –

* Current and former ESOL Program students should be aware of the many support services available to non-native speaking students at MCC.

* Not all non-native speaking students at MCC are ESOL Program students. Many non-native speaking students place at the ENG 101 level. These students may also utilize some of the ESOL student support services, but they might not know about them. 

* A few non-native students independently register for courses with no pre-requisites and haven’t taken any ESOL or English classes. They should be encouraged to take ESOL classes, if appropriate.

Feel free to print and copy this form and distribute it to non-native speaking students in your classes and explain to them that by having this information you will be better able to support them.  If the students are not ESOL Program students, they won’t have been given this form. 

If you would like to be updated on support services available for these students, please contact me or the ESOL Cross Cultural Counselor, Don Beech.

Thank you for all you do for our students, but especially thank you for helping them feel that they are welcome in your classes and at MCC.

Katie Leite
ESOL and Transitional Studies

icon ESOL Student Identification Form.pdf