MCC Daily Tribune

President's Wednesday Message

I look forward to seeing you this afternoon at MCC's Annual Holiday Reception. This gathering has a long tradition at the College, but this year, we are adding something deliciously new.

The reception will feature some very special desserts: holiday cookies created by our very own Hospitality students.

Hopefully, you've had the chance to stop by the students' bake shop cart this semester and pick up some cookies, cupcakes, breads, or pies. They're scrumptious and worthy of being featured in the finest bakery, reflecting the skills of our students and the inspiration of our faculty. We thank everyone in the Hospitality program for sharing their delectable talents with us.

The end of every semester brings papers, projects, exams, and presentations that demonstrate how far our students have progressed. Some, like our fall concerts, are seen by hundreds; some, like a final essay, may be seen by only a few. No matter the audience, the energy created when dedicated faculty meet equally dedicated students shines brightly--and, in the case of our Hospitality program, it also tastes amazing! So, this afternoon, make sure to grab a cookie as you celebrate the spirit of the season with your colleagues.

May your holidays be wonderful, filled with peace, joy, the warmth of family and friends, and many, many delicious treats.

Kress, Anne
President's Office