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Faculty Association to Offer Defensive Driving Class

The Faculty Association has scheduled a defensive driving class for Saturday, February 12 from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm. Our last defensive driving course was held in March 2008– and the discounts derived from completion of the class from 2008 are about to expire. 

We will need a minimum of 25 and maximum of 40 participants in order to have the six hour class on Saturday, February 12 at a cost of $30.  If you are not familiar with it, the Defensive Driving Class is a six hour multi-media presentation that reviews defensive driving techniques.  No formal examination is given, and it is participatory in format.  The benefits of the course include:

* A 10% reduction in the base rates of your auto liability and collision insurance premiums each year for three (3) years.

* A reduction of up to four (4) points off your driving record.  (Point reduction applies only to points for violations occurring  within the 18 months immediately before course completion).

If you have MET LIFE INSURANCE through NYSUT, you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of the class.  Payment is due the day of the class, checks need to be made payable to “NYSUT Member Benefits”.  

We will honor registrations from FA members and family members first.  If there is room for additional registrants,  you will be contacted.  Both FA members and non-members must e-mail Sonja Lenhard at the FA office at <> to pre-register for the course.  When the course is filled, you’ll be notified of the particular details.  If you have questions, please call extension 2019.

Sonja Lenhard
Faculty Association