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Are You Ready To Get Under Weigh?

Project Zero:
If you have or are planning on registering for the Wellness Council 2021 Project Zero Challenge, be prepared to weigh yourself on Wednesday 11/24. The Wellness Council will be reaching out to you via e-mail to acknowledge your registration and to give you the next steps. The primary goal of Project Zero is to encourage you to and help you to maintain your current weight throughout the holiday season. Our secondary goal is to raise funds for the MCC Foundation. We feel that both goals are win win situations for you.

Link to register: (Please put Project Zero in the comments box. Not required but it helps to eliminate confusion)

Invite your friends and family members to take up the challenge with you. Everybody needs support and encouragement, right? Who better than your friends and family? They, after all, have your best interests in mind. 

Also, let me clarify: You are entered to win "valuable" prizes by registering and successfully completing the challenge (Maintaining your weight within +- 1 pound through the holiday season). Making a larger donation, in $25 increments, gains you extra entries to the prize-winning selection process and makes a bigger contribution to the Foundation (also a win).

Questions? Contact The Wellness Council at 

Kevin Simmons
Wellness Council