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Sustainability in STEM Education Meeting at Ithaca College

You are invited to attend “Multidisciplinary Sustainability in STEM Education," the Fall meeting of Project Kaleidoscope’s Upstate NY regional network, on November 1, 2014 at Ithaca College.  The theme of the meeting is the use of a multidisciplinary approach and sustainability themed questions to enhance student understanding of 21st Century problem solving.  Morning sessions will examine the need for developing 21st Century problem solvers and a framework for connecting disciplines through sustainability themed questions.  Afternoon sessions will have participants work in multidisciplinary teams to create discipline based sub-questions to address an overarching sustainability themed question such as “What are the Current and Future Impacts of Global Climate Change on Polar Bears?”, and a group discussion of barriers / solutions for implementation of sustainability into the curriculum.  The afternoon will also include a participant poster session.

To learn more about the event, visit: <>.  The registration deadline is October 24.  Xerox STEM grant funds are available to offset the cost of registration.  Contact Lydia Tien (x2397 or <""> for more information.

Lydia Tien
Chemistry & Geosciences