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Interactive Forms & Automating Document Intake for the 2017-2018 Aid Year

Great news!!!

Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, the majority of financial aid forms will now be available online in an interactive platform called Dynamic Forms. The student will initiate each form; if they are a dependent student, they will be able to electronically forward the required document to their parent for completion—the parent may only access the portal by utilizing the emailed link from their student. All information, including signatures are completed wholly online in the secure platform. Once forms are submitted, the receipt and imaging of all documents is now automated on the BANNER and Image Now side of financial aid and in the student checklist online.  

These online, interactive forms will improve efficiency for the department and will continue to promote the Green Initiative that Monroe Community College has embraced. By eliminating paper forms, which was time consuming, costly, and prone to errors, we expect to significantly improve the processing time of student requirements, thus speeding up the ability to package students with eligible aid, utilizing a best practices approach to promoting student success and retention initiatives. The Financial Aid Office now has a better way to communicate inconsistencies and irregularities to students and parents instantly, through a rejection process we access through the platform that was previously unavailable to us. The student responsiveness is notably improved already as the students and parents have access to complete requirements 24/7.

Please note: Forms available only through the platform will require the student to sign in using their MCC network account name and password. If they do not have this information, they may be referred to the Student Technology Help Desk at 585-292-8324 (HELP). If the student is new to MCC, please be aware they must sign in to activate their network account FIRST, before being able to access the Dynamic Forms platform.

Lastly, in an effort to improve customer service further and to begin students’ educational career on a more consistent and positive approach, all applicants to Monroe Community College will now have network accounts authorized upon admissions application submission. Research has indicated that applicants needed a more comprehensive place to find personalized, pertinent information. By providing this access earlier on, they will be able to move much faster through MCC processes, in a more efficient manner.

The Dynamic Forms Implementation Team
Christine Accorso, William Wagoner, Melissa Jarkowski, Melissa Santiago, Sean Baker, Pete Zarcone, Jeff Savage, Laura Coriddi, and Sarah Hagreen

Melissa Santiago
Financial Aid Office