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100 Days to Innovation at MCC - Project 1 Progress Report

At the start of the academic year, the President’s Cabinet prioritized the first “100 Days to Innovation at MCC” project focused on improving a prospective student’s experience as he or she transitioned from initial application through the first registration cycle. A committee of six staff members came together to work on the first 100 Days to Innovation – Project 1 Student Account Creation in February. The committee has grown to 15 members and has just passed the halfway mark. We are eager to report our progress.

Project Scope:
Currently, following the successful submission of an application, a new student must activate three accounts (computer network, email and student records/Banner) prior to registering for classes -- a process that requires several days and multiple passwords or PINs (Personal Identification Number). Our innovation will enable a student to establish his or her own six-digit PIN during the online application process and keep that PIN through the initial registration cycle, without activating additional accounts. Our solution also addresses email and written communications sent to prospective students during the online application and registration processes in order to provide more clear directions and increase the likelihood of successful and independent navigation of our system.

Proposed Innovation (simplified version):
Students keep their self-established PIN longer through the first registration cycle. Students will not need to change their PIN until the system prompts them later in the process. If a student does not remember his or her PIN, a staff member can easily run a report to obtain it. The student will no longer need to activate and access other MCC services (e.g., computer network and email) in order to register.

Benefits of Innovation to Students:
* Less confusing, more empowering process
* Same, student-established PIN is usable from initial application through the first registration cycle
* Ability to register for classes more quickly
* Time spent with advisors is spent on academic needs, not on resolving problems with system navigation

Benefits of Innovation to Faculty, Staff and College Operations:
* Easier to assist students and help them access their PIN and application information
* Reduces office traffic, enabling staff to focus on advising students
* Improves conversion rate of applicants to registered students

Number of days to go: 45 (June 1 implementation deadline)

Our next progress report will be provided on May 14.

Jeff Bartkovich
Educational Technology Services