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The Sixth Act: Workshop on Tennessee Williams and Stagecraft TODAY!

One last reminder: the final Sixth Act workshop of 2004-2005 is TODAY!
The workshop, entitled "Stagecraft 101: Understanding the Fundamentals of Design," will take place TODAY, Tuesday, April 12, from 4-5:30, in the Black Box Theater (Building 4), and will guide participants through the process of staging Tennessee Williams' short, evocative play Talk to Me Like the Rain And Let Me Listen.... By the workshop's end, participants will have gained insight into the language of scenic, movement, sound, lighting, costume, and property design, in turn gaining insight into practical as well as metaphoric applications of stagecraft.

As always, instructional handouts will be distributed and refreshments will be served! Also, participants will have the special opportunity to engage with designer/director team Larry Mandelker (VaPA), Jeffery Jones (ENG/PHL), and Maria Brandt (ENG/PHL), and to enjoy the dramatic performances of Matt Fox (TRS) and Regina Fabbro (ENG/PHL). All faculty, staff, students, and community members are welcome.

Any queries can be directed to Maria Brandt at 585-292-3394 or

Maria Brandt