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Express Enrollment Days are Huge Success!

The inaugural Express Enrollment Days held on June 22 and 26th were a great success in many ways.  A total of 673 students were advised and registered. 

The participation breakdown for Friday was:  15 at Applied Technologies Center, 167 at Brighton Campus and 26 at Damon City Campus.  The breakdown for Tuesday was:  16 at ATC, 408 at Brighton and 41 at DCC.

Almost 300 staff and volunteers worked together as one team focused on the same goal – serving students and getting them well prepared to start classes in September.  Thousands of questions were answered over the course of the two days.

Comments from parents and students included such things as:  “Thank you so much for doing this.”,  “This was great.  It was so helpful.” and “I don’t know how we would have managed to get all this done without a day like this.”

Comments from staff and volunteers were equally positive.  Some examples:  “This was really fun!”, “I learned so much” and “We should do this again”.

This team approach is what makes MCC such a great place.  The leadership would like to thank everyone who had a role in the days.  Every single person who participated contributed to the whole which resulted in a wonderful experience for our students and their families.  We look forward to continued collaboration with our colleagues as we create and develop new ways to attract, enroll, educate, retain and graduate students.

Laurel Sanger
Express Enrollment Days Communication Committee