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New Process for Entering Incomplete Grades

Starting this fall, you will notice a slight change in the process for entering incomplete grades. When entering an “I” grade, you will be prompted to enter:

--        Default grade – the grade that the “I” will default to after the contract period has expired.  This grade will default to an “F” unless a different default grade is selected.

--         Extension Date – the time the student is allotted to complete the class before a default grade is entered.  The contract period defaults to 1 year after final grades are due unless shortened by the instructor.

Please remember to send the following to the Registration and Records office:

--         A copy of your incomplete grade contract for archival. 

--         Your grade change form, once the student has completed the class requirements.  Failure to do so will result in the student being issued the default grade after the contract expires.

A step by step process is attached for your convenience– actually two have been attached, but they say the same thing. One includes screen shots for those who are more visual and the other is in bulleted format for those who prefer the quick and to the point version. Please contact Anne Lanzafame at "" or myself with any questions or concerns.

Happy Grading!

Kimberley Willis
Registration and Records

icon Incomplete Grades Instructions without screen prints.docx
icon Incomplete Grades Instructions.docx