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Please Keep Classrooms Locked

This is a friendly reminder to all our faculty and staff members to secure their classrooms when not in use. In addition, please secure all computer, audio-visual, and electronic “smart carts” in their classrooms. It is common for Public Safety Officers to discover overhead projectors left unattended in the hallways, electronic “smart carts” detached from their locking devices, and classrooms doors unlocked when not in use. Conditions such as these increase the chances of unauthorized use, damage, and theft of the tools our faculty use and our student body relies upon for the high quality of instruction they expect and receive at MCC.

If you are teaching a class, you are entitled to have a classroom key issued to you. You may do that by submitting a key request form (see attached). Yours is the only signature required.

A safe and secure learning environment is a goal of the Public Safety Department. We appreciate the commitment from all faculty, staff and students to assist us in working toward achieving this goal.

If you need further information regarding crime prevention or have any questions feel free to contact the Public Safety office at 292-2900. Have a safe and productive semester.


Leah Dyer
Public Safety