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Glitter, Glue, and Greatness: Young Women's College Prep Charter School Visit to the Downtown Campus

On the morning of February 28th, the Downtown Campus hosted 68 seventh graders from Young Women's College Prep. The students, accompanied by their counselors and teachers, participated in a College and Career Exploration program that exposed the students to careers in the fields of STEM and the Health Professions. Following a warm welcome from the Student Engagement Center and EDIWS staff, two Downtown Campus Peer Leaders shared their stories about completing high school and going to college. The seventh graders then broke into four smaller groups to explore the STEM snap circuit kits, the health kits, participated in a scavenger hunt around the campus, and learned the importance of stress management and self-care while making their own calming "Glitter Bottles." The students asked thoughtful and insightful questions throughout the event. Great fun, learning, and exploration was had by all!

Members of the Downtown Campus Student Engagement Center, the Economic and Workforce Development Center, and the Student Events and Governance Association organized this event.

Many thanks to the following individuals for their time and talents:

Marla Dinkle, Student Success Coach, Student Engagement Center, Downtown Campus
Julissa Gonzalez, CTE and NY Inspire Advisor, EDIWS
Shameka Martinez, CTE Advisor, EDIWS
Corinne Shanahan, Counselor, Student Engagement Center, Downtown Campus
Dana Volden-Curry, Coordinator, Office of Campus Life, Downtown Campus
Benny Martinez, Peer Leader and SEGA President, Downtown Campus
Paola Serrano, Peer Leader, Downtown Campus
Daniel Skerritt, Peer Leader, Downtown Campus
Claudia Bradshaw, SEGA, Downtown Campus
Lizzie Marvin, SEGA, Downtown Campus
Rebekah Mayernik, SEGA, Downtown Campus
Denise Vogel, SEGA, Downtown Campus

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Harvey-Lee, Peggy
Student Services - DC