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National Walking Day at MCC - Couch to 5K Kick Off

Several collaborations within MCC will bring events, programs, and information to the College community on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 from noon – 1:00 pm in the Flynn Campus Center Terrace, at the Brighton Campus: 

-  National Walking Day
-  Couch to 5K
-  MCC Homecoming 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships
-  Rochester Heart Walk/Run
-  Enough is Enough

The Wellness Council and the Homecoming 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships Planning Committee are working together to get you off the couch and walking – or even running!  In honor of National Walking Day on April 6, we have scheduled an event to unveil MCC’s “Walking Routes” and will also be kicking off the “Couch to 5K Program.” This program is for everyone – including those who have never before walked or tried to run even a short distance.  Fleet Feet Sports will also be available with information on their programs, equipment, attire, running shoes, and free fitting analyses. 

Are you considering registering for the Heart Walk on April 16?  It is free to register to walk and you will receive a free water bottle if you register and/or donate at the information table on April 6! You will also be able to register for the 10th Annual 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships on Homecoming Day 2016 (October 8). 

The “Enough is Enough” campaign will be running all week and will be promoting “Boost Your Ego” on April 6 in the Atrium from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  This is a program to help increase self-esteem. Please see the attached flyer for more details.  

Contact the Wellness Council if you would like more information. Please email us: <> .

Resources available to MCC employees:
Fit & Friendly Channel – myMCC, Employee Tab

5K Walk/Run for Scholarships

Join the MCC Heart Walk & Run

Eileen Scorgie
MCC Wellness Council

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