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New Downtown Campus: Revisiting Design.

Over the last few weeks, faculty have expressed their priority of walled offices at the new downtown campus. In a meeting on Wednesday, October 8, President Kress conveyed that walled offices are possible within the constraints of the $72 million budget and space allotted for development but will require trade-offs and tough choices.

The process of identifying those trade-offs is underway. Members of the Steering Committee will meet tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 15) with DCC faculty leaders and Dr. McKinsey-Mabry to refine the amount of space needed and consider options. Plans to share information with other stakeholders are in development.

The window for making these design adjustments is narrow; collectively, we will need to move quickly. While funding and space will prevent the campus from meeting every expressed desire, we will strive to achieve the best possible design that meets our students’ needs. In the end, we will have an inspiring campus and a learning environment our students deserve.

Heze Simmons
CFO and Vice President, Administrative Services