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The Sixth Act Presents "Science on Stage"

"Science on Stage"
Tuesday, October 3, 4-5:30 p.m.
The Black Box Theater, Building 4
Free and Open to the Public (Metered Parking Available)
"Science on Stage" is a roundtable discussion that will use Michael Frayn's award-winning play Copenhagen to probe ways that science and art can inform each other on the stage. Copenhagen looks at the real and imagined encounters between scientists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg around the time quantum phsyics was used to construct the first atomic bomb. Playwright Michael Frayn writes, "I wanted to suggest with Copenhagen that there is some kind of parallel between the indeterminacy of human thinking, and the indeterminacy that Heisenberg introduced into physics with his famous Uncertainty Principle." Our workshop will begin with MCC students performing a short scene from the play and then move to a conversation catalyzed by panelists who will look at the play from the perspective of physics, psychology, ethics, stagecraft, and literary art. Participants should leave with a deeper understanding of the scientific, psychological, ethical, and artistic foundation of this important play--and with a sense of the provocative questions that underpin any collaboration between the arts and the sciences.

Panelists will include Physics Professors Paul D'Alessandris and John Wadach, Psychology Professor Celia Reaves, Philosophy Professor Matt Hachee, and English Professors Jeffery Jones and Lloyd Milburn. As usual, light refreshments will be served.

Maria Brandt