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Papercut Saves Trees! And oh, Yeah, the College a Few Bucks Too

MCC’s print management system, Papercut, saved the college over 276,000 pages of paper last academic year.  That equates to a savings of over $30,000 in paper costs for the college.

These statistics reflect the amount of unprinted material that appeared in the system.  Students can now view and cancel unnecessary and accidental print jobs.  This savings reflects the cancellation of these unnecessary prints.

Papercut also provides an estimation of the number of trees, CO2 and equivalent light bulb hours saved by this paper reduction.  This last academic year, MCC saved 2.37 trees, 1,642.2kg of C02 emissions and 54,102.8 equivalent light bulb hours by using Papercut.

Ted Ciambor
Sustainability Steering Committee