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Random PIN Numbers for Banner Self Service

MCC is continually looking for ways to improve information systems security.  According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA),  initial passwords or PINs should not be based on easily identifiable personal information such as date of birth.  To comply with FERPA guidelines, we need to change how we set the Banner Self Service PIN in two regards, both changes beginning Wednesday, September 28.

First, the initial PIN to access Banner Self Service will be set to a random PIN instead of date of birth.  Second, any PINs that need to be reset will be reset to a random PIN. 

The new PIN will be emailed to the employee or student who requested a reset.  They will then be required to change their PIN the next time it is used.

PIN questions for employees should be directed to ETS Technology Support at 292-TECH (8324) from off campus or x8324 from on campus.  Students with questions about their PIN should contact Records & Registration at 292-2300.

Jeff Bartkovich
Educational Technology Services