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Do You Know…?

Careers in computer networking and cyber security are much in demand as there is a shortage of skilled professionals including technicians, engineers, administrators, analysts. According to U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there would be an 18% increase in employment rate for computer network specialists between 2010 and 2020.  Microsoft Corporation Study on STEM labor shortage, which uses BLS projections, has shown that over the next 6 years until 2020, there will be additional 1.2 million job openings in computing professions that require at least a bachelor’s degree. However only 40,000 Americans graduate with a bachelor degree in IT every year, many of the 120,000 projected job openings in computing occupations each year go unfilled (Microsoft, 2012).  Other studies have shown that there is a skills shortage facing US companies resulting in an increase in overtime and downtime. While there is an increase in job openings, the number of people with skills and expertise in the Information Technology field has decreased. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average salary for computer networking specialists was approximately $48,000.

The area of computer networking is multifaceted and involves many concepts, technologies, devices, mediums, and protocols that are interlaced together in a complicated way. Additionally factors such as addressing, routing, reliability, and security create a need for structured training.  MCC offers a variety of courses in computer networking as well as a certificate program in Cyber Security. All of the courses provide extensive hands-on training to gain real-world experience.

Listed below are a few common job titles for computer networking, networking-related, and Cyber security positions:

·         Network Administrator
·         Network (Systems) Engineer
·         Network (Service) Technician
·         Network Programmer/Analyst
·         Network/Information Systems Manager

Careers in cybersecurity:

·         Cyber security engineer
·         Cybersecurity analyst
·         Information Systems security officer
·         Cyber Information Assurance Analyst

However the list is not limited to the above areas. A quick search on websites such as "", "",   "", etc. for jobs in computer networking, Cyber security, or Information Technology will bring up several of them!

Jayalaxmi Chakravarthy
Information and Computer Technology (MCC Cyber Security Awareness Committee)