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October 15 marks the end of the Hispanic/Latino National Heritage Mont Celebration.

The celebration is from September 15 through October 15 every year in honor of the many countries that became independent from Spain starting on September 15, 1821.

In previous years, I have written about the background and origination of the term Hispanics/Latinos. More recently, the term Latinx is being used to refer to the Hispanic/Latino Community.

Latinx first appeared in 2004 and continues to face some skepticism and confusion by many Hispanic/Latinos. I recently conducted a brief survey through the Latino Empowerment Network (LEN) of MCC faculty and staff who self-identified through HR as Hispanic/Latino. See attached survey results and analysis.

Understanding the survey sample was small; given the results, the term Latinx would not be an appropriate way to describe the entire Hispanic/Latino community. What is clear is that proactive discussions need to occur. Members of LEN value respectful, inclusive, intercultural dialogue, are committed to promoting a positive image of a diverse Latino community, and will continue to advocate for greater understanding of the richness of Latino culture.

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Jorge Alas
World Languages and Cultures