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GM ASEP Students Tour GM Plant

Twenty-two students toured the Tonawanda Engine Plant Facility, which builds about half the engines that General Motors uses in their products.
The freshman GM ASEP students, who take courses at MCC’s Applied Technologies Center, toured the facility March 23 in Tonawanda, just outside of Buffalo. The facility builds a 3.4-liter, 60-degree V6 engine.
The students got a first-hand look at the engines being assembled by employees – and in some cases by robots. Mike Knop, the plant’s trainer gave a brief talk on the history of the facility and what they have built – including radial 16-cylinder Pratt and Whitney aircraft engines during WWII.
After the talk and a safety film, the students walked the line and watched the engines be assembled from bare block to a cold run-up test at the end. This test checks the fuel injection system, ignition system, running compression, cooling system and vacuum.
Students left the plant with new insight on how products are built and the work environment required to produce high-quality engines.

Scott Sanford
Automotive Technology