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Call for Nominations: Awards Announcement From Faculty Senate

The Professional Development Committee of the Faculty Senate is announcing a call for nominations for the MCC Emerging Excellence Award (MEEA, formerly NISOD) and the John & Suanne Roueche Award for Excellence (associated with the League of Innovation in the Community College).

The MCC Emerging Excellence Award (MEEA) is intended for full-time teaching faculty or professional staff with 3-6 years of service at MCC, with no previous years of service elsewhere in a similar capacity or field.  These nominees have gone above and beyond their job responsibilities in a relatively short period of time and are new to their discipline.  Further details can be found at this link- on the Faculty Senate webpage, under “Awards and Professional Leaves”. 

The John & Suanne Roueche Award for Excellence is for full-time staff, administration or tenured faculty with 7 or more years of service at MCC.  Nominees are those who have demonstrated superb leadership through innovation, professionalism, service to students, the college and beyond.  Further details regarding this award can also be found at or directly at the League’s website, "".

Information regarding descriptions, criteria, eligibility, the nomination packets and their submission for both awards is available on the Faculty Senate web site.  Electronic nomination packets are due to Amanda Colosimo, Chemistry and Geosciences department at "" by noon on November 6, 2015 for both of these awards.

Amanda Colosimo
Chemistry and Geosciences