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Starfish Announcement: The Midterm Progress Survey Opens Soon!

Thank you to all faculty who participated in the first Starfish survey this semester that closed on September 23. We had over 2200 kudos and over 600 flags raised for over 1300 students! We also saw one of our highest survey participation rates in recent years. Our team of Starfish responders continues to rely on this invaluable feedback to inform their outreach to students.

The next Starfish survey, The Midterm Progress Survey, opens in Starfish on October 14. This survey will target special populations and will not include online classes. Faculty will receive an email with a link to their surveys.

The following flags and kudos will be available in the Starfish survey:

  • You Rock!
  • Great Participation!
  • Keep Up the Good Work
  • Early Alert: Academic Progress (Email Notification Only)
  • Early Alert: Urgent Academic Concern (Outreach Requested)

Please note: there are no attendance flags with this survey. Attendance-related alerts and outreach are now triggered through faculty daily attendance reporting in Starfish. The Midterm Progress Survey is used to raise concerns or commendations regarding students' academic performance in class.

Please direct any questions about the use of Starfish to John Kulak, Early Intervention Specialist, at Thank you for your participation in Starfish surveys!

Kulak, John