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The Institute for the Humanities Presents "Composing Music, Creating Places"

Join the MCC Institute for the Humanities and SUNY Geneseo's Center for Integrative Learning on October 21st, 5-6:15 pm, as we host the second virtual forum in our series, The Arts of Asylum. For the upcoming event, Composing Music, Creating Places, City of Asylum®/Pittsburgh Executive Director Andrés Franco will host an online coffee salon with his guest, Vietnamese singer and activist Mai Khoi. Franco, a native of Columbia, came to City of Asylum® from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO), where he most recently served as Resident Conductor. Khoi is an exiled artist-in-residence at City of Asylum® and an Artist Protection Fund (APF) fellow in residence at the University of Pittsburgh. Khoi, frequently compared to Björk and Laurie Anderson, was an award-winning pop singer before her criticism of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam's censorship and lack of democracy led to restrictions on her freedom of speech. Coffee informs part of Andrés’ Colombian heritage and is one of his great passions. Khoi will share her journey, her music, and show Andrés how to make a traditional Vietnamese coffee.

We will also be joined by Armand Hall, RocMusic Director, to discuss how they work with El Sistema to leverage the collective resources of Rochester’s major cultural organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies to provide exceptional music education and performance experiences for youth living in the City of Rochester.

Visit the Arts of Asylum website to REGISTER for the event.

Michael Jacobs
Humanities & Social Sciences