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Who Owns the Word Census at MCC

I woke up this morning to tons of MCC e-mail. I was drinking my coffee and feeling pretty popular as I started to read them. Only to realize that I was not popular but that my Tribune announcement confused everyone. I am apparently competing with Jerome St. Croix (Financial Aid Director) over the definition of the word census.

I think Jerome is wonderful and I respect him. And I sent him a quick e-mail this morning telling him that he is to cease and desist in his use of the word census for any Financial Aid related work he is doing. We, as a college, can only have one definition of census. And I “called it” first. So, the official CENSUS DATE for full term courses for purposes of attendance and state aid and everything else that is important is: FEBRUARY 9TH.

Jerome’s date (formerly known as Financial Aid Census) can now be called Financial Aid Freeze Date. February 16th is the magic date that the Financial Aid office uses to determine a student’s time status. Students adding classes after this date cannot use those classes to be considered full time. Registrations for the term must be processed by this date in order for our financial aid team to use those courses in aid calculations. Let me add, Jerome loves it when I try to explain financial aid law.

So, to clarify: February 9th is the real census for full term courses. February 16th is the financial aid freeze date when all registration should be completed in order to be considered for aid.

You will never hear Jerome St. Croix utter the word census again.

    Elizabeth Ripton
    Registration & Records