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R U in the Q?

Knowing if there’s a fire, bomb threat or other potentially dangerous situation on campus can be as simple as adding your contact information to the SUNY NY-Alert queue.

SUNY NY-Alert is a statewide system that allows MCC and other SUNY campuses to notify students and employees of emergency situations via phone, text-messaging, e-mail and fax. Other than standard text messaging rates, it’s free and takes only minutes to join. And signing up is secure.

Employees and students can opt in, or out, of the program by logging into Banner (""); you will be prompted to sign up. Everyone is encouraged to choose within the next few weeks. Employees are encouraged to print the poster and post it around campus.

For more information, visit <<>> and <<>>

The safety of our college community is our No. 1 priority.

    Leah Santirocco
    Public Safety

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