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WAC Fall Semester Student Workshop - The Art of Abstracts


The WAC Committee is pleased to announce their Fall Student Workshop on the art of writing abstracts.  Writing abstracts is a common assignment for students in natural and social science courses, and is a beneficial skill for students in any discipline.  Although abstract writing might vary a bit from discipline to discipline, an abstract almost always serves as an original, concise, self-contained statement that explains or describes a larger work.  Students attending the workshop will have an opportunity to compare different styles of abstracts from both the natural and social sciences.

WAC student workshops and Writing Intensive (WR) courses promote writing as an effective way of teaching and learning in any discipline.  WR courses provide students with an opportunity to engage and apply course content through writing assignments and increase one’s awareness of writing as an expression of thinking.  We hope to involve as many students as possible in this event.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 10 in Room 8-200 during College Hour (12:00-12:50PM). Please encourage your students to join us that day for what promises to be an interesting and informative College Hour event. All are welcome.

John F. Cottrell