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Thanksgiving in the Hearts of Our Students

It is that time of the year again, the time of Thanksgiving. Last week in the DCC Learning Commons, we asked our students to write a short note on what they are thankful for. They responded in a big way, with smiles on their faces, being happy to share their feelings and gratitude with others.  They were…


Thankful for family, thankful for friends, thankful for a job, thankful for mother, kids, grandkids, my sister and her family; thankful for food, thankful for sobriety, thankful for Jesus, thankful for my peers, thankful for my education at Monroe Community College, thankful for shelter, thankful for life, health, and love; thankful for my boyfriend, thankful for friendship and happiness; thankful for knowing the Lord, thankful for my science class, and thankful for this opportunity to learn.


These are just some of the 100+ expressions of thanks our students submitted!  

You can stop by and see the mounted display in the atrium, in front of the DCC Learning Commons, or come into the DCC Learning Commons to read the other overflowing expressions of gratitude. 

What are you THANKFUL for?








Stephanie Hranjec
MCC Libraries. DCC Learning Center.