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STAGE Students Graduate

Congratulations to the students who participated in MCC’s STAGE (Skills, Training, Academics, Growth, Employment) program. They graduated Thursday, Aug. 12, during a ceremony on the Brighton Campus.

STAGE, located at the Damon City Campus, educates men and women 17 to 21 years old who did not complete high school and are seeking career guidance and self-direction. The program prepares students to take the GED, apply for college and gain worthwhile employment. In addition, STAGE helps students develop self-esteem and values, manage stress, and learn effective budget and parenting skills.

Student Charlena Williams was struggling during her finals in May 2003, coping with the grief from losing her mother. Charlena was having difficulty studying and paying attention in class. It looked like she wasn’t going to pass her exams. Her father desperately wanted Charlena, the third of four daughters, to receive a diploma so he searched around for programs. He found STAGE.

“I was an OK student before, but not as focused as I was in the STAGE program,” says 18-year-old Charlena, who lives in the city with her dad and 15-year-old sister. Now, Charlena has a diploma and plans to study at MCC to become a certified nursing assistant.

STAGE is funded by the MCC Foundation, New York State Department of Labor, Rochester City School District and RochesterWorks.

Please see attached photos: (1) Some of the students gather while waiting to assemble for their entrance to the graduation ceremony. (2) Student Charlena Williams poses quickly for a photo before getting her diploma.

Samson Olaode