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Sixth Act Night at CABARET!

The Sixth Act is pleased to announce “Sixth Act Night at CABARET,” the first in a new series of collaborations between The Sixth Act and VaPA at MCC.

This fall, as many of you know, VaPA is producing the historic musical CABARET. On Friday, November 16, at 7:30 PM, The Sixth Act would like to gather as many audience members as possible to watch this powerful play together in the MCC Theater, followed by a post-show discussion with the play’s director, Professor Heather Fox, and students involved in all aspects of the production process. The Sixth Act also has developed a short, contextualizing curriculum packet available for anyone interested.

According to Aisle Say New York, “It pays to bear in mind that CABARET is considered, for historical purposes, the first ‘concept’ musical--that is, a musical favoring socio-political themes and ideas over linear narrative, in which staging concepts are inextricably woven into the matrix of what makes them work.” In the process, the play looks at some of the social complexities surrounding the business of Nazi propaganda, and for all its raucous pleasures should therefore raise serious questions about culture, prejudice, and the ability of a successful marketing campaign to change the course of history.

Tickets are $8 for the MCC community and $10 for the general public and may be purchased through HYPERLINK "" To receive the curriculum packet, please contact Professor Maria Brandt at <"">. Please contact Professor Heather Fox at <""> for more information about the play itself.


Formed in 2004, The Sixth Act provides co-curricular support for the study of drama across disciplines at MCC. To this end, The Sixth Act (1) develops co-curricular events and materials for MCC faculty and students, especially those who might teach or study plays or playwriting, and (2) provides enrichment opportunities to encourage all MCC faculty, students, and staff to see and talk about plays produced at MCC and in the Rochester area. The Sixth Act seeks as its leaders faculty, staff, and students drawn from a variety of academic disciplines and departments. The Sixth Act is supported by MCC’s Creative Arts Committee and Liberal Arts Program.

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