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Support Staff Professional Development Committee Annual Fund-Raiser a Success

The Support Staff Professional Development Committee (SSPDC) would like to thank the college community for their generous donations of pet supplies that were donated to the Rochester Animal Services (RAS).  RAS is dedicated to improving the quality of life and safety for city residents and their animals, promoting responsible pet ownership, and reducing animal overpopulation so as to alleviate animal suffering and euthanasia. RAS operates an animal shelter for stray, injured, and disowned animals that serves both as an adoption center and as a site for locating lost pets.

Several boxes, bags and containers of items were dropped of to the shelter.  There were several blankets, reference books, leashes, cleaning supplies among the many items donated.  The puppies and kitties will be well looked after thanks to your generosity.

Support Staff Professional Development Committee:

Val Avalone, Jodee Biller, Donna Brennan,  Linda Ingraham, Maria Karras, Sue Smith, Dawn Quatro, Maryjo Toepfer, Sandy Warren, Carol Wilkinson

Sandy Warren
Human Resources